Cyle Harless

My name is Cyle Harless and I want to share a little about myself with you. I am a pastor’s kid who has never known anything besides God and the church, back in the mid 90’s my dad, Darryl Harless, pastored the AG church in downtown Bad Axe.  After a few years we left, but now twenty-one years later I’m back.

It has been a journey getting back here. My wife and I got married at an early age and six months after getting married we moved to Springfield, MO for college.  There I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible & Theology and my wife earned a degree in Counseling. During our time there we had two daughters, Ariana (soon to be 11) and Madelyn (9). We loved the town and the church we were a part of and had plans for the next phase of our lives.

God, however, had different plans. My dad, now back in Bad Axe, called and asked us to come serve with him at Evangel Life. I said no. I told God that I didn’t want to be a pastor, didn’t want to work with my dad, and had no desire to move to Michigan. That will have been five years ago this October. I find it funny how sometimes the very things we tell God we won’t do, He asks us to do.

Anyway, I cannot thank God enough for sending me back to Bad Axe. I believe there are things God wanted me to experience and face and I don’t know if I would have had I ignored His call. I can say now that moving to Bad Axe was one of the best decisions my wife and I have made. We love the area and we love the people. I truly believe that God wants to do something amazing in Huron County.

Since being here I have had the opportunity to volunteer at a few YFC events and even go with YFC on their Florida Spring Break trip. I was expecting to go and encourage students in their faith. I was not expecting for God to challenge and encourage me to work more closely with the students in Bad Axe. I am so grateful to the team at YFC for inviting me to be a part of their team of missionaries to the Thumb. My heart is for everyone to know the fullness of the grace of God that comes through a relationship with Jesus.

I can’t imagine what God will do during this next school year, but I am excited and humbled that He has allowed me to be a part of it. I look forward to meeting and working with you to reach our students. Thank you for your continual investment in students and for your prayers, volunteer service and financial support.