We believe Campus Life is effective in reaching middle school and high school teens in their world.  It gives us a strategic way to pursue every young person at local schools in communities all over the USA.


Campus life ministry combines healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Like every ministry of YFC, Campus Life seeks to engage these young people wherever they are found as life-long followers of Jesus Christ.  Campus Life encourages a balanced life - mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.


"3Story®" Relationships - Our Way of Life

Youth for Christ staff and volunteers are encouraged and trained to live a 3Story life: A way of life that guides followers of Christ to BE good news while telling stories of THE Good News. It is a way of seeing how the relationships we have with other people and God can be connected and grown. 3Story is not an evangelism tool or method, it is who we want to be and how we want to live. In YFC, 3Story is our living operating system. Our hope is that it becomes our DNA.For more information about 3Story, visit www.3story.org

Five Essentials

  1. Widespread Prayer - We deliberately engage lots of Christians to intercede on behalf of the ministry site.
  2. Loving Relationships - We consistently pursue lost kids & engage them in life-long relationships with Jesus.
  3. Faithful Bible Teaching - We accurately handle Biblical truth, regularly coaching kids to apply it in their lives
  4. Collaborative Community Strategy - We intentionally work together with local churches, agencies and other partners to provide sustainable youth and family ministry.
  5. Adults Who Empower - We strategically develop leaders to reach young people from every people group.

Relational Ministry Actions

  1. Contacting - going into the world of young people in order to initate new relationships
  2. Building Times - spending time in shared activities with young people in order to build new relationships and model Christ-like behavior
  3. Appointments - meeting one on one to provide indivudual attention and focus on a young person's specific need
  4. Small Groups - a structred interactive meeting with 2-12 young people
  5. Clubs - a weekly large group meeting of more than 25 students that's high energy, safe, and non-Christian friendly
  6. Student Leadership - Christian students who are committed to personal growth and influencing of the people around them for Christ