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Jennifer Tebedo

Here's a look at our Akron Fairgrove Campus Life Director, Jennifer Tebedo!

"My name is Jen Tebedo and I am the Caro and Akron-Fairgrove Campus Life Director! I started with Youth for Christ right before Covid hit and have been in this position for three years now. It has definitely been one of the most exciting and rewarding jobs I have experienced. It’s funny because I always thought I would marry into ministry, but it turned out God wanted me to be the one in ministry. My amazing husband, Andrew loves and supports this ministry as much as I do, and he volunteers when he can. We have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Emberlyn who is just over a year old, and expecting a second baby in October! We also have a dog named Ari who is adjusting well to having a little sister running around and another one soon.

One of my favorite parts about this job is being able to take Ember to different sporting events or Campus Life trips, and seeing the kids light up around her. There’s nothing better than watching a bunch of high school boys get all mushy over a cute little baby that wants them to hold her. Another highlight is being able to plant seeds and lead students to know Jesus. I had the privilege of baptizing one of my students on May 23, 2021 and that was one of the most memorable and joyous experiences as a Campus Life Director. I look forward to building more authentic Christ sharing relationships as time goes on, and am excited for what the future brings in this ministry and this opportunity God has given me".

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